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5 個線上網站可立即免費下載學術書籍!




無論您是準備任何競爭性考試、研究某個主題和/或尋找雜誌、文章和期刊,您都將在圖書大百科 book.teaonline.club中獲得每個主題的書籍。好消息是該資料庫有大約 9000 萬本書,您可以免費預覽和下載,沒有任何限制。


我們都去過那裡。 您想在網上購買商品,但不確定商品是否能及時送達,或者品質是否與您在網上購物時在網站上看到的一樣好。


網上購物是一種全球現象。 更重要的是,隨著網路日益成為我們生活中不可或缺的一部分,它將繼續存在。 網路商店對於那些住在偏遠地區或沒有時間出去購物的人來說很方便,但如果你不知道自己在做什麼,網路商店也可能有風險。

How to Make a Playlist on SoundCloud

SoundCloud playlists allow you to organize your favorite music tracks for your enjoyment or for sharing with others online. Anyone can create a playlist on SoundCloud for free by using the SoundCloud app or website. Plus, there's a variety of customization options available.

Here's everything you need to know about making and editing playlists on SoundCloud.

How to Create a SoundCloud Playlist and Add Tracks

There's no way to create a new playlist on SoundCloud without any tracks. The only way to make a new playlist is by adding a song to it before its creation. This sounds confusing, but it's straightforward and only takes a few minutes to create.

Open the SoundCloud mobile app and tap Search (the magnifying glass icon) in the bottom menu.

10 Things to Do When Getting Started on Twitter

Whether it’s the anxiety of not knowing what to do or the fear of possibly looking dumb — it’s easy to put off signing up for Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest until tomorrow … or next week … or next month…

Getting started on Twitter doesn’t need to be scary.

Follow this step-by-step guide to get started. Here’s a list of the first 10 things you should do to get started on Twitter and join relevant conversations.


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